A bug’s life

Out in the meadow on our farm the other day, we stumbled across a few of these stunning little ladybirds crawling around in the lush grass. I hastily whipped out my phone and recorded a minute or so of their antics. It’s wonderful to see.

As a coda to my last post, this simply serves to underline the intricate beauty of the natural world and just how important it is to protect it.

What if pesticides sprayed on the grass or other harmful environmental practices drastically reduced the numbers of these wonderful creatures to the point of extinction? Would we be worse off? It might not affect your daily life, but it would take another priceless chink out of the natural world. And who knows what that might lead on to.

I’m not saying that organic production everywhere is the answer, as it is an unrealistic way to feed the burgeoning global population, but people need to be put some thought into the impact of certain practices on the natural world.

If the rapidly growing population on this planet means that we need to destroy this incredible planet’s natural environment bit by bit, then maybe our exponential growth is what needs to be called in to question.

But, for now, just ask yourself, “would we be worse off without the ladybirds?”


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