Visual BioBlitz: butterflies and bees

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I carried out my first BioBlitz in an overflowing hedgerow which flanks a dusty farm track. Lower Brenton Farm (EX6 7YL) is  just outside Kennford, near Exeter in Devon. As a dairy farm, the majority of land is pasture which benefits from the mineral-rich red soil of south Devon. While it is heartening to see the  bees pollinating busily, it should be noted that a local beekeeper maintains several hives on the farm, around 500 metres from this spot.


1st July 2013 – a glorious midsummer day with bright sunshine, temperatures in the low 20s, wispy clouds and little wind.


There were large numbers of bees pollinating what appear to be hawthorn flowers. We can see both bumble bees and honey bees – the presence of the latter is most likely explained by the nearby hives.

There were also two types of butterfly fluttering around the hedgerow. Those with the mainly orange wings and black spots are Small Tortoiseshell butterflies. The reverse of their wings is black with a thick off-white band. The other variety was a Meadow Brown, but I was only able to capture the underside of its wings. These are two of the most common varieties in the British Isles.


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