Visual BioBlitz: Parklife in Spain

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I undertook my next photographic survey in the Parque de María Luisa in Sevilla, Spain. Covering around 100 acres by the banks of the  Guadalquivir River, the public park is the largest semi-natural space in the city centre. As is typical of southern European cities, the park has little open grass. Rather, it is a web of dusty paths separated by fountains, trees and bushes.


16th July 2013 – a summer in Seville is punishingly hot and even at mid-morning the temperature was over 30 degrees with no clouds blemishing the sky.


There was a great mix of birds using the pond and fountain as respite from the heat. My limitations as a bird watcher and the different varieties of southern Spain mean I have only been able to identify a handful with any certainty. However, the pictures allow you to see them all and likely go further than I have been able to.

The most distinctive of the ducks was the Muscovy, with red wattles around the bill and black and white feathers. The brown-speckled duck with an orange bill (standing alone) is likely a female Mallard.

Pigeons and doves were ubiquitous around the fountain. The small, dainty, grey dove – standing alone on the fountain’s edge – is a Eurasian Collared Dove. Roosting high in a tree are a pair of – what look like – white doves.

For me, the unexpected highlight was spotting the green plumage of what seems to be a Monk or Quaker Parakeet. In one picture it can be seen camouflaged against a tree and in another (and a detail of it) it is taking a drink from the fountain.


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