In the 2009 film Earth Days, astronaut Rusty Schweikart articulated the emotions he felt looking down on the earth from space: “We human beings, we this life form on this incredible planet, just coated with life. Where are we going?”

Whether or not you except that the burning of fossil fuels is warming the earth dangerously, that population growth is too rapid, or that the fragile natural world is truly under threat, it cannot be denied the world of today is far removed from any other period in mankind’s history. The population of earth is multiple times greater than it was for millennia, fossil fuel consumption only began its upward curve 250 years ago, and our environment is changing faster than it has ever done in the past. Believe what you will, but we need to sit up and take notice. Every day that goes by, the seven billion inhabitants of planet earth are breaking new ground at an incredible rate. Rushing into uncharted waters is always dangerous. In this case it could be fatal.

On earthblog21, I reflect on environmental developments on national and global levels, as well as shining a little light on the efforts of activists and community leaders striving at the grass roots. Please, read, follow and recommend – and I will do the same for you.

I’m a freelance journalist who recently graduated from Durham University where I studied History and edited the university newspaper, Palatinate. From August – December 2013 I will be training as a news reporter with the Press Association in Newcastle.

Charlie Taverner


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